What is SUP?

‘SUP’ is simply the acronym for Stand Up Paddleboard (Paddling, Paddleboarding…you get the point).

At first glance, SUP looks to be folks standing on surfboards in flat waters (lakes) using an extremely long canoe paddle to move about….

Here’s the scoop:

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a sport/activity/recreation all of it’s own. The last 4 years have seen it grow leaps and bounds on coastal waters where Paddle Surfers waited in line for swells beside traditional surfers.  The glaring difference is simple:  with no real waves to catch, surfboards are nothing more than an ocean raft… Surfers are out of luck.  They pack up and take their toys home.

The advantage of Stand Up Paddleboarding is two fold:  No swells? You can still paddle out to enjoy the vast ocean waters….  No oceans around you for miles?  You can still SUP at the nearest lake, river, swimming hole, and even practice skills and do fitness on them in your own swimming pool….

All ages, athletic ability (or lack thereof), genders, and interests can use SUP to their advantage for exercise, entertainment, social bonding, and ‘getting away from it all’…..  with practice and some extra tie downs for your gear, SUP is even handy for fishing!

Check out our Feed for a glimpse into our programs, the fun of SUP and the practical applications.  We will also be including some links to all forms of SUP use worldwide.

Really.  SUP is THAT versatile.  Come out.  Enjoy yourself.

Paddleboarding on Wikipedia

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