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So what do I need to wear or bring?

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What to Wear?:  For the most part, you can wear what ever you would typically feel comfortable swimming in.  If swimwear isn’t your first choice, feel free to wear any moisture wicking, dri-fit sports apparel that you might choose to go to the gym in.  Unless the weather is cool, we do suggest that you steer clear of long yoga or track pants.  Cotton clothing is also not recommended simply because it gets heavier when wet.

What to bring?:  Sunglasses (preferably with a glasses cord), hats, sunscreen, towels, bottled water and a change of dry clothes are all highly recommended.  Feel free to bring a snack, waterproof camera, etc.

Required:  Signed waiver for anyone over 18.  For those under 18, your parent/guardian will be required to sign for you.  If they are not attending with you, they will need to submit a copy of their Driver’s License or State Issued ID along with a signed copy of proper waivers.  No waiver/Parental Consent-No Paddle. 

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