Opening Day Tailgating Issue SOLVED

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Texas Rangers Baseball

Rangers won’t let you tailgate?  Only have a 55″ TV to view it?  Already taken off work???



Texas Theatre LogoSUPBigD has teamed up with The Texas Theatre to throw our own Rangers Opening Day tailgating party!

The game on the BIG screen, 40 foot screen kind of BIG, hot dogs, nachos and a full bar….. what else could you want?  (yes, other than actual game tickets…..) AND it’s cheaper than parking at the stadium….  Matter of fact, it’s FREE to get in!  Drink specials, ballpark munchies and our own Texas Rangers.


We’ll be holding a drawing during the 7th Inning Stretch for a FREE Paddleboard Lesson for 2.

 Bonus:  Stick around after the game, show the SUPBigD logo, and get tickets to Evil Dead 2 or Spring Breakers for $5….

Evil Dead 2   Spring Breakers Movie Poster

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